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Why Portugal?

Portugal is endowed with a complex and diversified geology with a considerable mineral potential, leading to the occurrence of a considerable number of ore, industrial and ornamental stone deposits.

Mineral exploitation is presently at a considerably high level, originating from world class deposits, such as Neves-Corvo (Cu, Zn) and Panasqueira (W), but also from a lot of some other deposits producing salt, feldspar, kaolin, ball clay and fire clay, ornamental stones and some other mineral substances. Portugal is presently one of the main EU producers of copper, tin and tungsten (ranking fifth in the world after China, Russia, Bolivia, and Australia) concentrates and an important world producer of ornamental stones.

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Exploration activity is at a high level considering the relative small extent of the territory (roughly 90,000 Km2). Several international companies conduct exploration focus on base and precious metals. Despite this, the country remains largely overlooked and underexplored.

The mining of mineral resources in Portugal was initially carried out by the Phoenicians, but was intensely developed by the Romans, so the country has a long tradition in mining.

Portugal has world-class well-developed infrastructure; modern roads, efficient power and communication networks and easily accessible ports and airports and is ranked 26th out of 160 countries by the World Bank in their 2014 Logistics Performance Index.

The country has significant and favourable European Union and Portuguese government financial incentive programs, which can be benefited from as the projects advance towards the development and production phases.

Portugal has a supportive government and favorable mining laws that encourages mineral exploration and mine development.

The Portuguese government’s geology and mining agencies the Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia and the Direcção-Geral de Energia e Geologia encourage and promote the advancement of projects geared toward the exploitation of the country’s mineral resources, like the recent published “National Strategy for Geological Resources – Mineral Resources” states.

National Strategy for Geological Resources – Mineral Resources (Resolution of the Council of Ministers No 78/2012)