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Nikolas Perrault, CFA

Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

“Colt Resources has embarked on a new journey of international property and mine development.

The mining industry has been presented with many challenges that have overwhelmed several companies’ ability to adapt.

This as a great opportunity to acquire mining properties.

Our team of professionals from management, board of directors, geologists and engineers all share the same vision. We all believe that acquisition is the best strategy for our future prosperity.

Searching and networking internationally to find, acquire and leverage the value of those high quality assets currently without leadership.

Portugal is home base for Colt. Our core assets are found throughout the country, from the world class base metal rich region of the Iberian Pyrite Belt to the famous tungsten rich Douro Basin in the north.

Our business strategy is to develop the core assets, the backbone of our success, enhanced by properties acquired abroad and joint ventures with our subsidiaries to earn a return from their achievements.

We are excited by the wealth of opportunities difficult times provide by making adversity our greatest strength.”

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